Sunday, 28 June 2009


Yarra trails/Mullem Mullem loop
As a finale to Jim's birthday we did the same loop as a few weeks ago (linky). Meet at Bourke Rd foot bride, head out via the main Yarra trails, loop around through the Mullem Mullem loop and back via the Eastern Fwy.


This time I got up early and rode my single speed to/from the trails. Backing up yesterday with me was Jim (duh!) and Andrew. Rounding out the group to 4 was James Kennedy, who I first met on the Ben Randall invitational as he tore my legs off all day long.

It was foggy, and none of us felt very sprightly, but the conditions meant we had the trails mostly to yourselves. Mostly they were tacky, but there was enough greasy, slimy, loose, rooty, or just plain downright evilness to keep your tyres loose and your concentration on edge.

The powerline climb almost killed me again, one of these days I should look into changing the gear ration on my bike.... nah!


I decided to forego the inevitable walk up the Templestowe Hill climb and instead sat at the top and giggled as they tried to ascent the 40% slightly wet madness. Jim smashed it first time, James took two attempts, Andrew never quite made it.



After some coffee and minor repairs, Andrew and I cruised back to town along some of the trails before making a full frontal assault on the Clifton Hill Bakers Delight. The poor berry and chocolate scones never stood a chance!



1 big birthday, 2 big rides. I'm fucking shelled, thanks Jim.

D: 82.2km
A: 1125m

Post Ride Shower-Beer Consumed: 1

PMPW: 92kg

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