Saturday, 27 June 2009


Melbourne, Panton Hills, St Andrews, King Lake, Humevale, Diamond Creek Melbourne
On the bike at 6am so I could swing past work and collect my phone that I'd left there yesterday, before on to meet the boys in Rosanna at 7:30.


Jim, BJ and I were joined by a roadie mate of Jim's, Andrew Downie. We rolled out through some back roads, the tempo was good, but my legs were just the smallest bit sore from Thusday. At 90kg I figured Andrew would be keeping me company on the climbs, it was not to be, he absolutely flogged us up the Kinglake. Jim and I set what we thought was a solid time, but there was a country mile between us and him!


Once we regrouped we turned west towards Humevale. I threw out an attack on the way down into Whittlesea, but ended up being caught and re-attacked by Andrew. Heart rates are not meant to be over 80% on descents, but it was awesome fun hammering each other at 70km/h+.




The birthday boy

We cruised back through Yan Yean, said goodbye to Jim and BJ in Hurstbridge and headed back for the city. Andrew was running close for a lunch appointment in Port Melbourne so I sat in front of him and ITT'd. Despite the long day and poor sleep the legs felt ok and I was able to deliver him to his coffee and grub only a few minutes after he was meant to be there. Alright, maybe not "ok", they felt pretty hollow and smashed and sore, but they still did what I asked and pushed out a few Watts, and that's the main thing. :)


When I grow up I want to have a pump and 3 CO2 canisters on my bike! :)

D: 165km
A: 1990m

PMPW: 93kg

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Steve Caddy said...

What do you think's in the bag? Lots and lots of tubes?