Sunday, 21 June 2009


Rock Hop:
I've got really mixed feeling about this one. I had to stop around 3:00-3:30 into the race due to a mechanical issue. The freehub on my XTR wheels started to slip.

I'd had a slow start after a totally different mechanical issue, but was happy with my steady pace. The course wasn't killing me, but I wasn't feeling like pop-eye (full of strength).

Once stopped I got changed and wandered around the course to take some trail photos and encourage as people rode past. I think yelling "WOOOO!" was favoured by riders over my one man mexican wave.







D: 51.9km
A: 1,655m

1 x 20es @ 20kg KB Swings
2 x 20es @ 20kg KB Snatches
2 x 20es @ 20kg KB Jerk
2 x 20es @ 20kg KB Cleans
1 x 20es @ 20kg KB Clean and Jerk (Long cycle)

Angry at being late to the session as well as mechanicaling out out of the race I hit the first few sets hard! My swings were being throw over eye height, but the aggression couldn't last as Jeff continued to call out sets. As my body started to tire I tried to keep pushing through, but the Long Cycle had me a panting quivering mess.

With 3 weeks to the Melbourne to Ballarat, I think it's time to put my body through some hurt. Jeff has promised to deliver pain on Thursday, I think I'll supplement that with some hard on the bike efforts.

PMPW: 93kg

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