Saturday, 20 June 2009


Hell Ride:
The plan was to just get some ks in today, a couple of efforts over the hills to Mt Eliza, but nothing out of this world.



Sitting in the bunch at 45ish km/h hour, cruising down through Chelsea the inevitable happened. The bunch got split by a red light and I made the decision to help work to bridge the gap back to the lead riders. There were a few guys willing to work, but it was poorly organised. 1 guy on the front at a time until he popped, then the next guy would pull until he popped.... I should learn how to organise a working group, I imagine it will be valuable for racing.

We caught the bunch just before Frankston, and I rode through until just before Mordialloc when another set of lights cut me off from the front riders. I made the decision then to just roll back through, the bulk of the ride was done and there would be plenty of time to bury myself tomorrow.


D: 88.7km
A: 325m

PMPW: 91kg

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