Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I'm continuing with the SS as my training bike. I honestly believe training on a heavier, shorter suspension travel, 1 geared bike forces me to be a better rider and thus faster when I get back to my Baum.

I had a surreal moment along Bruce's off-camber trail along the Eastern Freeway. I'd slotted myself into the rider queue 3rd wheel, it seemed like the spot I should be, then I took stock of who was around me. Up front was an Australian U23 XC representative (Paulie VDP) and World MTBO champion (AJ), behind me was an Australian 24hr Champ (Bellie), an Australian marathon representative (Rohin) and the rider who's style I admire the most (Benny). Shortly after that revelation i overcooked an off camber corner, lost a foot and had Belly right up my date.

Still it was a bit of a giggle, while I wasn't catching AJ's wheel he wasn't getting further away.

I managed to clean the final section of Stacy (opposite the children's farm), this is the first time i've managed it on my SS. In front AJ had dabbed and from the sounds behind me I could tell that Rohin had failed as well. It was a proud moment.

I attacked the bunch at the bottom of the swoopy trail (opposite the Yarra Bend golf course) and held them off the whole way up. Bellie did note that "that's Neil done for the night", which at the time my body whole heartedly agreed with... but I recovered by the next set of trees and forced Paulie out of his position in the queue to ensure I went into the trail where I wanted to be. :)

I tried to contest the final sprint back into the carpark but was blown away by Bellie and Paulie. Bellie jumped with Paulie close behind, and for the first few metres I felt like I might get back across to them. By half way up the road my legs were going at 160rpm, my lungs were on fire, they were never coming back.

R: 2:11
A: 340m

PMPW: 89kg

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