Sunday, 31 May 2009


Yarra trails:
With the Powerful Owl ITT a couple of weeks away, and a nice clear afternoon on offer, I felt it would be good to go do some laps of Dickey's paddock.

I did 6 laps including one at walking speed to take photos of the various issues, several laps at mild pace but no brakes and a couple of fast laps. The last lap I was joined by Rosco for a quick whip around and a good chat.

Due to the sheer enjoyment of the way the trail flows clockwise I didn't manage a single lap in the anti-clockwise direction. That'll have to come after the first ITT.




R: 3:11
A: 355m

After feeling really hammered after racing the rocky course last week I promised myself I'd get a few more Sunday sessions in at Jeff's to help condition my whole body.

It was another week of the whiteboard matrix. Do as much as you can in 40 minutes, to the best of my memory here's the order I went in.

1 x ~500m Run
50 (25es) x Step Ups @ 24kg
1 x ~500m Run
50 (25ex) x KB Snatch @ 20kg
50 x Waterbag Hang Jump Cleans
1 x ~500m Run
25 x Push Ups on Roman Rings
50 x Wall Ball @ 4kg
5 x Chin Ups
50 (25ex) x KB Clean @ 20kg
50 (25ex) x KB Swing @ 20kg
50 (25ex) x KB Jerk @ 20kg
100 (50es) x Voodoo Abs
50 (25es) x KB Rack Lunge @ 20kg
40 x Jump Chin Ups

Elapsed time: 39 minutes 32 Seconds

I'm still crap at chin ups and push ups, though it was my best push up efforts to date @ Jeff's.

I kind of felt like I wasn't pushing through some of the sets, but the amount of sweat coming off of me tells me I was working pretty hard. I used the 20kg KB for all the main KB exercises, last time we did this I opted for some lighter weights. I was fairly happy to finish everything off with in the time limit.

In other news the weekend saw some of my training partners get up for a win. Jeff won Solo 40+ at Chase the Sun, while Jimmy won Open pairs at the same race. Ian got up for a win in IRTT (C-Grade) held at the Wangaratta. Nice!

PMPW: 91kg

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