Saturday, 30 May 2009


Melbourne-King Lake-Healesville-Yarraglen-Kangaroo Grounds-Melbourne:
Out the door at 6:30 to meet with Jimmy and BJ in Rosanna at 7:30. From there the soup de jour was to roll some kms in the hills.

It took ages for the temperature to rise, because even though the sun was rising, we were getting deeper into the hills. For quite some time it hovered around 3-4 degrees C.

BJ hit the Kinglake climb with some intensity while Jimmy and I cruised up at a more moderate tempo. It was good to see that a lot of the trees were really starting to sprout new growth.


We rolled over Kinglake and descended down towards Healesville via Chum Creek Rd.


We never actually went to Healesville, but rather swung straight off to Yarraglen for some coffee and apple scrolls.


Jimmy kept his legs in check after Yarraglen, but I played with BJ on a few hills, and even managed to drop him going up the Kangaroo Ground Climb.

Jim and BJ split to go home via Warrandyte, while I headed back through Eltham and Rosanna.



All in all it was a decent amount of time in the saddle. I was happy that despite the smashing at Jeff's on Thursday I was able to hold a good tempo.

D: 165.8km
A: 2420m

PMPW: 91kg

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