Friday, 29 May 2009


Cold commute this morning, full winter gloves and booties were definately required.



D: 25.1km
a: 324m

Jim and I started the session by playing around on the balance board, Jim had proposed Slam Ball during the day, so we gave it a shot. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

2 x 10 Deck Squats
1 x 5es @ 24kg Pistols
1 x 5es @ 12kg Pistols
2 x 30 @ 32kg Box Jumps
1 x 100 @ 53kg BB Jump Squats
1 x 200 @ 53kg BB Jump Squats
1 x 300 @ 53kg BB Jump Squats
3 x 10 Sandbag Snatches
2 x 5es Russian Sit ups
2 x 5es @ 24kg Row/Row/Pushup

The box jumps were evil, no single rep hurt but by about rep 10 the whole concept seemed very difficult.

The snatches were hurting, it felt like I couldn't get my HR down.

Russian Sit ups, I don't really understand why they are hard for me, but I certainly wasn't pulling through them as easily as the other guys.

Even 2 minutes from the start of TdB I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it. It took some evaluation of what I've said this year and my training stands for (HTFU Kid) to rock up. An early bunch was leaving just as I rolled up, so I slotted myself in and said hello.

Someone in the bunch said something that got my goat going up through Bulleen so I got on the front and drove up the pace. I stayed at the front for Doncaster Rd, keeping the chain in the big ring I concentrated on holding big power. Just after the first level off I shifted to the smaller ring and someone attacked. I chased with another guy and managed 3rd for the hill..... not a bad start.

Going into Foote St I was near the front, lights meant the pace was lower than I'd hoped, and I was going to have to work for it. Having done well on Doncaster Rd I decided to keep going hard, and managed another 3rd.

Up High St, going past the school everything was good until the wheel I was on accelerated 2-3km/h, in the space of 15 seconds I went from "getting my HR down slightly" to *pop*.

I had a chain derailment halfway up the cutting, just as I was about to attack the front, still it was a good opportunity for forced work, I chased the leaders back down through Ivanhoe, sprang after Rohin Adams who attacked up towards Heidelberg/Heidelberg junction and came through for the win.

I had 3rd wheel for the Red Rooster sprint, but got nervous about the big boys just off my wheel, I went early and pulled hard, in the end all I managed was to lead out everyone else.

It was good to know that regardless of any blood loss I still had strength and could hammer myself and to a lesser extent others.

D: 49.0km
A: 610m

PMPW: 91kg

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