Sunday, 24 May 2009


Bendigo 6hr:
After doing my best to recover from yesterday's efforts I woke after a fitful sleep and found myself nervous.... like 3 pre-race poos nervous.


Alex started off first and came back in what I thought was good position, ~15th overall. I then took it as my job to give him as little rest as possible for the next 6 hours.

The first lap I went around with Andrew Bell, Jimmy almost caught me towards the end, forcing me to dig deep to stay in front, I think the effort he put in hurt him more though.

The second lap I rolled through with Evan Franzke and Paul Randell. A few laps later it was Troy Bailey.... It seems that lapping with solo guys would be the soup de jour, but after Troy we were finally in front of all of the hard men, and up into 3rd overall!

By the end of each lap my legs were hammered and my arms were begging to let go of the bars. The breaks between laps seemed to fly by, barely had I scoffed down a small bite to eat and some liquid when it was time to go again.

I ran a 38:20 (1.9) gear ratio, it turned out to be reasonable for the course. A complete, but manageable, grind on the steeper climbs and spun out on the flats.


I was happy with the consistency of my lap times. Even though my body was hammered by the last few laps, I was able to pick better lines and keep my times close. The difference between my fastest/first lap (28:21) and my slowest/last lap (29:18) was under a minute. Alex was faster than me all day, punching out 26 minute laps early on. He certainly did the bulk of the work to chase down riders in front of us.


I found all the riders on course were friendly, I gave a couple a helping hand along some open climbs and generally threw up the rock horns as thanks for letting me pass. I wouldn't say the day was a gigglefest, but it's hard not to think fondly of a race where you podium (2nd in Men's Pairs, 3rd Overall). I had plenty of grins on the dusty rocky course, I suppose it's the nature of racing that it hurts.


D: ~54km
A: 1140m

Post Race Evil Nasty Sausages Eaten: 4

PMPW: 90kg


Anonymous said...

The joy of catching you is worth the hurt...

Steve Caddy said...

I supposed that's a pretty decent weekend.