Thursday, 14 May 2009


5:45am NRR:
I had a really poop sleep, I'm not sure if I kept waking up, or kept dreaming that I was waking up.... either way I got 5 hours of poor quality rest.

The plan for the NRR was to roll down to Mordi, get on the front and bury myself in a nice deep hole, then see how well I could recover and go again.

The plan was all good until on the way down the bunch got split by lights. I decided it was time to move the plan forward and got on the front to drive the bunch back to the front group. 55km/h with a slight tailwind, I had all bores open for what seemed like 2 minutes. I got about a minutes rest on the back..... when we got caught by lights again! *repeat effort*

I rolled around the Mordi roundabout in the middle of the 80 or so rider bunch, waited until I had room then rolled up the side to do some work. There was a strong head-cross wind and plenty of big legs, so the plan was updated to "work turns for as long as possible".

So roll turns I did, I got through to about the hill after Black Rock before the working group got to about 3 riders and my the messages from my legs got to 10 on the dial.

The bunch slowed down considerably and I took that chance to sit in, I'm a little disappointed in myself that I sat in, I should have stayed up there and made the hole deeper. A fresh group of legs emerged around Sandringham, so I rode up to play with them.

Coming around the turn at Elwood I knew the rider in front of me was struggling. I laid of his wheel just as he was getting set to roll across..... then I attacked. 2.5km from the BP sprint/finish and I put it all on the line. I made it around 1.5km before the legs shut off.

I jumped onto the 10-15 guys who were strung out after chasing me, then the 1km to go lights went red and we bunched up. I went for the sprint from about 5th wheel back, but the BP/Sprint lights turned red and everyone shut it down.... I rolled my wheel over the line first.... and even though it was at 15km/h with no one else competing... I'm calling it a win.

D: 40.9km
A: 120m

Jeff claims I'd said in this very blog, that I wanted to be smashed this week. At the time I couldn't remember saying it, and upon review it seems I didn't, never the less this was one of the toughest sessions to date.

2 x 10 Deck Squats
2 x 100 @ 20kg Box Jumps
3 x 10 Powerband Sprints
1 x 50 @ 15kg MB Slams
1 x 20 (10es) 48kg Ring Lunges
1 x 20 (10es) 64kg Ring Lunges
1 x 50 (25es) @ 24kg Box Step up to Lunges
1 x 25 @ 20kg MB Slams
1 x 100 Waterbag Jump Squat Hang Cleans

I'm actually really proud of how I went this week. The only exercise I paused in was the final one (Jump Squat Hang Cleans), once at 54 reps for 10 measured breaths and once at 85 for another 10 measured breaths.

The box jumps were ripping my arms off from holding the weights, but like the old big rep sets of Jump Squats I just turned the brain off and counted. Jeff was faster on both sets by ~10 reps.

The sprints as always jacked my heart rate through the roof, the final set made my legs all wobbly and I was seriously concerned they were finished for the night. I'm happy that even after 200 box jumps i pushed out ever single run with no pause and made good distance each time.

The ring lunges were the biggest killer of the night, weights were brought up significantly and I really felt the reps through my glutes. Reps 7-10 of each leg were body straining, teeth grinding, face grimacing fun. :)

Jeff has given me some mobility work to do, I haven't had a chance to look at it, but at this stage I'm eager to try out what ever he feels will benefit me.

Maybe next week after all the mobility exercises I can try this bad boy out....... ok maybe not. :)

D: 34.3km
A: 325m

PMPW: 91kg

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