Monday, 11 May 2009



D: 20.7km
A: 105m

I've lent my car to a mate this week, it's invigorating. I don't have anything to do that I can't get to by bike or public transport. Most of the activities I have to do will benefit from an extended warm up, with that in mind I'm going to race Dirt Crits on Tuesday night, go all out at Jeff's on Thursday and then smash it on the road bike Saturday.

Recently I've begun toying with the idea of racing 24hr races solo. It's not something for this year, but I think it's something to work towards in the next few years maybe even try and get myself to a competitive level at the nationals or worlds.

Reading today I found the idea of "giving yourself permission to fail" as written about on Again Faster (link) struck a chord. It's too easy to say that we can't, it hurts, we haven't slept enough. I do believe that "The ability to look at these things objectively, to laugh at our foibles" is a powerful one.

PMPW: 91kg

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