Tuesday, 28 April 2009


5:45am NRR:
Decided to do NRR last night, with the aim of destroying it from the front. I would be on the bike rain hail or shine darkness.

Woke to my 4:55am alarm and the body put in a requet for more sleep.... request denied!

Rolling out of the house there was water on the road, but the BOM Radar said that the worst of the rain had passed the rides route.

On the front the whole way down, felt ace, I kept unconsciously half wheeling the guy next to me trying to get the speed up. Around Moorabin it started to rain, by Mordialloc the rain was icy and as we turned the roundabout it became obvious there was going to be a ripping cross wind.

I stayed on the front after the roundabout and turned up the speed. Work the quads, work the hammies then work the glutes. I used this system to keep the pace up through to Mentone, no one could come around, the guy behind was struggling to hold my wheel, still to hurt everyone else I was digging deep and my legs were really starting to protest.

About then a dude in bikeforce kit pulled through and we rolled longish turns with help from 1 or 2 other riders. Any time a rider didn't pull through, I got on the front. Soon I was starting to feel pretty hammered, I started to leave bikeforce on the front for longer. I felt guilty about that, I was meant to be in the hurt box, it should have been me suffering but it was hard to bring myself to voluntarily go into that amount of pain.

The cross winds and Brighton hammered the small bunch that was left, and 4 of us basically rode off the front. I put one last big effort in through Elwood, seeing how long I could hold people behind me for. Then it was a game of try and hold bikeforce's wheel as he pulled through for his turn. There was no sprint we were all too spent.

Hot coffee and a hot shower made me feel a lot more human again.

D: 41.9km
A: 125m

Dirt Crits - Flat hill:
Rocked up with the single speed and pre rode the course a couple of times. It looked like it'd be a bit of fun and that's all I was after. I just couldn't muster a good enough reason to flog myself, but giggles I could do.
10 minutes before the start it began to rain, and from then on I had no choice about going fast. The track became a bit greasy and speed became governed by traction, with pythons (semi-slicks) on I had no traction at all. Still 30 minutes + 3 laps equalled a LOT of drifting practice, and I had a blast.

Fat Cyclist and his recent spate of mtb vids make me want a helmet cam.

PMPW: 91kg

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