Sunday, 19 April 2009


BMC 100:

Race report here.

I think the work with Jeff has helped put some hardness into my legs/brain, as I was able to attack over and over on the hills. It was great to be able to open up gaps and/or bridge to those ahead, knowing that I could do it again the next hill.

D: 101.5km
A: 2160m
R: 5:22

Total stacks: 3
2m high bridges fallen off: 1
People I'm very happy to have chased down: 9
Category place: 4th (open, equivalent to 19th in Elite)
Post race beers drunk: 2... and counting
Post race sausages: 1

PMPW: 90kg
Post race weight: 90kg

Jeff having a go at a $5 sausage, they were awesome.

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