Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Really small group tonight, we only started with 5 guys and by the end it was just me and Ben Randall. I'm not sure if it was just that everyone is racing the BMC 100km this weekend but the pace never felt all out.

The ride headed out towards Westerfolds Park, railing through Bruces Paddock felt awesome, I chased Ben and Matt Ligtermoet trying to whip the bike through the turns, trying to ignore how little information my brain was getting from the HID spot and just flog it.

The strong wind this morning had brought a lot of plant matter to the trail. Most of it just added a little extra drift to the tyres, but the occasional tree across the trail had us all grabbing brakes. Moments later we'd be hooking around corners at normal speeds, forgetting that there might be another tree.

We stopped at the back of Westerfolds, chatted for a while and then came back in via the alley loop. The cutting/dog climb was tough, but the next one up the driveway is brutal on the SS. While life would be easier on a smaller gear, I'm proud I cleaned them both on 38x17.

It was also good when Matty said he thought I was riding faster/better than him, I think he was mistaken, but still it'd be nice to be as fast as Matt one day. :)

PMPW: 89kg