Sunday, 12 April 2009


Met with Ian to head up Kinglake, I wasn't feeling 100% but he was pretty beat up from the previous couple of days.

Sadly we didn't get to do the Yarra Glen loop I'd hoped for, but it was nice to get up Kinglake again.

The extent of the fire was staggering, seeing aluminium signs melted and chunks of steel fused into the road was sobering. The complete destruction of the small service station at Kinglake really brought it home.


D: 131.1km
A: 1630m

Commute to/from Jeff's:

D: 38.4km
A: 310m

Jeff's wasn't a normal circuit session, there was a matrix drawn up on a whiteboard with names and exercises. We had to try and complete as many as possible in 45 minutes.

50 x (25es) Snatch @ 16kg KB
50 x Aqua bag hang cleans
500m run
50 x (25ex) Walking lunges
50 x (25es) Sledgehammer on tyre
500m run
50 x (25es) Cleans @ 20kg KB
50 x (25es) Sledgehammer on tyre
500m run
50 x (25es) step up to lunges @ 16kg
50 x Jackhammers - inclined
50 x Wall Ball @ 4kg
50 x Thrusters @ 11.5kg MB
100 x (50es) Swings @ 16kg KB

10/50 Push ups
30/100 Jump chin ups

Not started:
50 x Slam ball @ 20kg

I did the Jackhammers inclined as my feet/toes were cramping. I need to get better at push ups and chin ups, I'm seriously woeful. I'm ashamed that I completely avoided slam ball.... it ruins me, but I should be able to man up to it.

PMPW: 89kg

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