Saturday, 11 April 2009


Melb->Mt Dandenong->Melb:
Met Ian in the city to go ride Mt Dandenong. I was worried he'd open me up again after yesterday's display of power. Rolled out via bike paths then Canterbury Rd.

Up the 1 in 20 I set a moderate tempo until it started to flatten out, Ian then pulled around for a few kms. From there we swapped turns depending on how we felt, about 1km from the top I pulled to the front and tried to lift the tempo slightly. 500m to go and I was running at 90%, 250m and it was up to 95%. I stood for the last 50m, glanced over my shoulder and realised Ian had dropped off long before.... wasted effort.

We rolled across to Olinda and down "the wall", at the bottom it was a quick 180 turn and straight back up. I decided not to go above my 21t as Ian only had a 23t cassette and I wanted it to be "fair" (above the 21 on my cassette is a 24t). Ian must have cracked on the 1 in 20 as even soft pedalling I was pulling away. I pushed through for a 00:20 flat.

We did a quick trip up to a cloudy Sky High, back to Olinda for some grub, them home via Belgrave, the Eastern Freeway, Clifton Hill and the CBD. :)


D: 138.3km
A: 1735m

PMPW: 89kg

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Steve Caddy said...

Sounds like a good day out. Y'know, I've never ridden a road bike in the Dandenongs.

*pines for road bike*