Monday, 30 March 2009


6am NRR:
Legs a little sore from yesterday's beating at Jeff's. Met Ian at the 6am NRR to get some easy km's in. The trip down was uneventful, the roll back was ok, a little bit of unnecessary braking. Pulled out of the bunch at black rock so Ian could wee.

D: 40km
A: 120m

Home for a shower and some cream cheese bagels then off to a 2 hour massage. Worlds of pain. Worlds of pain! My quads were ever so slightly tender from Jeffs, and when the forearms/elbows went in, I did my best but ended up with the rest of my body contorting in pain.

PMPW: 87.5kg


Steve Caddy said...

NRR is only 40km?

Neil Robinson said...

yup, she's only 1 hour long.