Thursday, 26 March 2009


Fat Tyre Flyers Wednesday night ride (Fatties):
Decided to ride the SS, it was in the car already and the ride was due to hit the inner trails, the SS does ok on the slower more technical trails. I considered swapping out the 1:2.25 gear (38x17) but figured there would likely be some fastish guys and a slightly bigger gear would be better for the speeds.
Turns out there was a lot of "fastish" guys and they wanted to do the alley run. I cleaned the cutting climb despite slow riders in front. I cleaned the driveway climb, but it took some dead lift efforts.
The rest of the ride was good, fast but jovial. When we were on trails the pace seemed to be on, when we stopped it was shits and giggles. Especially when Jason Jackson crashed his bike into the river and almost followed it himself.

Ride time: 2:35
A: 345m

PMPW: 87.5kg

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Steve Caddy said...

That's a pretty frickin good effort IMHO.