Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Rest day:
Legs are a bit tender from Jeff's, specifically the adductors.

Commute to/from work on the roadie.
D: 28km
A: 230m

PMPW: 89kg

Monday, 30 March 2009


6am NRR:
Legs a little sore from yesterday's beating at Jeff's. Met Ian at the 6am NRR to get some easy km's in. The trip down was uneventful, the roll back was ok, a little bit of unnecessary braking. Pulled out of the bunch at black rock so Ian could wee.

D: 40km
A: 120m

Home for a shower and some cream cheese bagels then off to a 2 hour massage. Worlds of pain. Worlds of pain! My quads were ever so slightly tender from Jeffs, and when the forearms/elbows went in, I did my best but ended up with the rest of my body contorting in pain.

PMPW: 87.5kg

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Woodend MTB Ride; BMC 100km reccy:
Working off 4 hours sleep I was worried about this ride, I knew a lot of fast people would be coming. We had a group of around 15-20, and a broad range of fitness, so It wasn't a complete smashfest.

Awesome trails, although there was some fairly fresh cut sections overall it was awesome. I don't think we rode anything I'd seen before. I wimped out of a gap jump that Jimmy and BJ hit. Gap of ~1.5m that just needed reasonable speed.

Did some work to repair a bridge broken by fat arses or motos.... possibly even fat arses on motos.


D: 34km
A: 585m

2 x 20 Waterbag hang cleans
2 x 20 @ 20kg KB Snatches
2 x 20 @ 20kg Slam Ball
1 x 20 @ 12kg Clean to Lunge
1 x 20 @ 16kg Clean to Lunge
3 x 20 @ 15kg Squat Press.
2 x 20 @ 16kg Step Up to Lunge
2 x 10 Push Ups
1 x 7 Push Ups
1 x 5 Chin Ups
5 x 10 Jump Chin Ups
3 x 20 @ 6kg Wall Ball
2 x 20 Waterbag hang cleans
2 x 20 @ 20kg KB Snatches
1 x 20 @ 20kg Slam Ball
1 x 13 @ 20kg Slam Ball

I'm fucking rooted!


Saturday, 28 March 2009


I didn't get enough sleep and I am/was hung over.

Hell Ride:
It was a pretty tame Hell Ride today, the roll down to Frankston was a cruisy 45km/h, we hit 50km/h maybe 3-4 times. I positioned myself towards the front going into Hopes Rise and just held position. I had the legs to go around the 3-4 riders in front of me but decided to hold back and smash it across the top. Felt good on the next two hills up to the Mt Eliza turn off, and just sat in the bunch all the way back to Black Rock. Once again it was a pretty cruisy pace back, at black rock 3 big packs combined into one massive bunch (200ish riders), before it broke up into smaller groups it would have spanned a full kilometre.


D: 90km
A: 315m

PMPW: 88kg

Friday, 27 March 2009


Rest Day:
Slight DOMS in the calves (2-3/10) and minor DOMS in the quads (1/10). Nothing beer wont fix.

Commute to/from work on the fixed commuter.
D: 28km
A: 230m

PMPW: 88kg

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Jeff's Shed Training Session (Jeff's):
2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 10 Powerband Sprints
2 x 50 @ 24kg (2x12 KG KB) box jumps
1 x 20es @ 16kg (2x8KG KB) Box Step Up to Lunge
1 x 20es @ 20kg (2x10KG KB) Box Step Up to Lunge
1 x 500 @ 53kg BB Jump Squats

The Box Step Up to Lunges are new. Step up onto the box, step down and go into a lunge with the step up leg forward. Jeff found the 16kg was enough for him but I barely felt it, the extra 4 kg made a huge difference. Felt it in the quads and glutes.

I believed we were doing 1 Jump Squat set of 300 reps, "to get it over and done with". When Jeff finished and said "I decided to only do 1 set..... 500 reps" I was fucking concerned. I concentrated on my glutes and hammered them out. In the last 100 my calves were a bit sore, but the pace never dropped.

PMPW: 88kg


Fat Tyre Flyers Wednesday night ride (Fatties):
Decided to ride the SS, it was in the car already and the ride was due to hit the inner trails, the SS does ok on the slower more technical trails. I considered swapping out the 1:2.25 gear (38x17) but figured there would likely be some fastish guys and a slightly bigger gear would be better for the speeds.
Turns out there was a lot of "fastish" guys and they wanted to do the alley run. I cleaned the cutting climb despite slow riders in front. I cleaned the driveway climb, but it took some dead lift efforts.
The rest of the ride was good, fast but jovial. When we were on trails the pace seemed to be on, when we stopped it was shits and giggles. Especially when Jason Jackson crashed his bike into the river and almost followed it himself.

Ride time: 2:35
A: 345m

PMPW: 87.5kg

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


5:45am North Road Ride (NRR):
Big bunch this morning, ~60-70 riders on the 5:45am. Reasonable pace down to Mordi, there was a lot of braking soon after the roundabout so I moved up and rolled turns. Coming out of Black Rock a guy in Savings and Loans (S&L) kit rolled around and kept the gas full on. It took every watt I had to stay near his wheel, my one concession; I don't think the guys behind me were doing it easy. 3rd in the BP sprint, Spoke(n) Lee kicked hard and it was all over.

Distance (D): 45km
Ascent (A): 125m

D: 28km
A: 230m

Post Morning Poo Weight (PMPW): 88kg